Descriptions of Our Barber Services

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All barbers offer haircuts. In fact barbers receive special training specifically on how to best cut men's hair. A barber can help you select a style that will work best with your face shape and profession. Whether you prefer a traditional cut, like a “high-n-tight” or something more modern, like the “messy” look, your local barber is the best place for a haircut. Most barbers finish your cut with a straight razor shave on the neck and around the ears, providing the cleanest look available.


Most men do not get shaves at the barber shop anymore, but the experience can be relaxing and enjoyable as well as economical. Did you know that a straight razor shave on your face will stay clean for three days? Compare that to this morning's shave which will not last until five o'clock. The straight razor is a tool that only barbers are trained to use. A hot lather shave is perfect for a special event or important date. Many men these days like to keep their head completely free of hair. Like Michael Jordan, you may like having a smooth, hair-free scalp. There is no better way to get this style than with a straight razor shave on the head, and your local barber is the only person trained to do this.

Beard Trims

Facial hair is very popular these days and your barber is an expert at keeping it nice and neat. Whether you have a goatee, a Van Dyke, or a "soul patch" your barber can keep it looking the way you want. Ask your barber about different facial hair styles that can enhance your appearance. For example a growing a goatee is an excellent way to thin out an overweight or round shaped face, giving a leaner and in-shape look.

Ear & Nose Hair

Barbers will clean up your ear and nose hair if they see that it is needed. Unfortunately, as men age, they lose the hair on their heads and gain it on their ears and in their nostrils. Salons do not offer or even look for this. Your date will not be impressed with your expensive "salon" haircut if there is a big black hair sticking out of your nose! Make sure to get a complete haircut, available only at your local barber shop.

Hair Loss Help

There are hundreds of hair replacement options out there and your barber shop is a great place to start researching your options. Barbers perform hundreds of haircuts a week and speak frankly with their clients dealing with this problem. Your barber is knowledgeable about ways to slow down hair loss and options for replacing the hair you have already lost. From hair plugs, to weaves, to new high-tech taupes that are wind and water-proof, your barber can help you decide which option is best for you.

Hair Coloring

Like a hairstylist, barbers can offer high-lights and coloring for men. Though unlike hair stylists, barbers are uniquely trained to provide these services specifically for men. Hair coloring is an excellent way to hide gray hair and blonde high-lights can add a bit of style to your little leaguer. See your local barber about color options that will work best for you.


A light massage is a great way to relieve stress and stay mentally healthy. Barbers offer massages for both your scalp and your neck. Many of them have machines specially designed to provide this service. Some studies have shown that a stimulating massage of the head can help prevent hair loss.