Shave Like a Pro

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The mystical appeal of a close shave can be likened to the perfect golf swing or the perfect baseball game. While this skill still remains elusive to most men, you can learn it right here. Follow closely to get the best shave you've ever had...


We know that you were going to anyway, but when? Do you shower before, during, or after you shave? The best time is during your shower, but after works just fine. Shaving during your shower is the best time because the warmth and steam help to open your pores and soften your beard. If you are shaving after your shower continue to use warm water, as warm as you can comfortably stand, throughout the whole process.


An exfoliating scrub sloughs off dead skin cells to expose more of the hair folicle. Not the same action as scrubbing your floor, if you do, but a gentle circular motion. This will get you closer to the root and result in a closer, more comfortable shave. Using and exfoliating scrub also improves the health and appearance of your skin.


Try a pre-shave lubricant before applying any shave cream. A pre-shave lubricant is formulated to help the hair follicle stand up straighter, as well as providing an extra layer of protection. As these oils should be massaged into the beard area before applying shave cream you will get some relaxation into your morning ritual.


You can use a few different options when you are building a good lather. We suggest using a badger shave brush, with circular motions when you apply your shaving cream. This will help the hair follicle to stand up straight so your razor can come straight through with less drag. If you are using your hands, be sure to use an upward motion.


Take the time to inspect the swirl or growth direction of your beard. As the hair on your face grows in different directions it is important to know which way you're going. The best shaving technique is with the grain, or in the same direction your hair grows. Go with the short strokes. Keep the razor well rinsed. You may have to go over rougher areas against the grain, especially if you have a thicker beard. This will minimize irritation and smooth things out.


Shaving like a pro means that you do not end at the shave. Once you have shaved to your satisfaction and rinsed off the excess you have another step. You do have a few options, but keep these things in mind.

If your skin tends to be oily, use a toner and then a light product like an aftershave balm. If you hear the words “combination skin”, dry in spots and oily in others, in reference to your skin, use a toner followed by an aftershave lotion. Select a lotion or cream if you want to moisturize. Sensitive skin calls for a fragrance free aftershave soother, as well as other fragrance free products for your skin. Your product choices are a matter of preference and skin type. Keep in mind that the best products are fast penetrating and leave your skin feeling smooth and cool, without making your face greasy or clogging pores.

Following these steps will give you the best shave ever and make shaving more enjoyable than you may have thought possible. Stay close, and happy shaving.